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Download PTC Arbortext Editor 6.0

Arbortext Editor is a sophisticated toolset designed to help you
create and edit documents in SGML and XML. You can also edit SGML and
XML documents created on other systems. Arbortext Editor documents can
be transferred to any SGML or XML-compliant system.
About Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)
Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC), The Product Development
Company, develops, markets and supports software for product
development. Its main products are for CAD/CAM, engineering
calculations, and Product Lifecycle Management. Its customers include
companies in manufacturing, publishing, services, government and life
sciences industries. PTC is listed in the S&P Midcap 400. It is also
in the Russell 2000 index.
With Arbortext Editor, you can create and edit documents, edit
tables in table or tagged mode, create and edit equations, import and
export documents to and from other formats, personalize content
through profiling, and perform several other tasks.
Through the DITA Application, Arbortext Editor provides support for
the OASIS DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) standard.
Arbortext Editor can also be extensively customized using the
Arbortext Command Language (ACL) and the AOM (Arbortext Object Model)
You can also use Arbortext Editor with the Arbortext Content
Manager(or Windchill) as a content management system for your XML and
SGML documents. The PTC Server connection provides an interface
between Arbortext Editor and the PTC server products. Using this
interface, you can access document objects stored in the Arbortext
Content Manager or Windchill directly from Arbortext Editor.
Features & Benefits
- Structured content and CAD-driven illustration creation--in
parallel with product development cycles speeds product and
documentation time-to-market
- Dynamic information profiling and delivery to multiple outputs
provides information in the context and format requested, on demand
- Single source of accurate, quality information improves customer
success and reduces inbound call center issues
- Associativity with up-to-date product data ensures information
accuracy to complete tasks successfully the first time
The following optional modules extend the capabilities of Arbortext
- Print Composer option
- Web/Wireless Composer option
- Arbortext Styler (purchased separately)
- Arbortext Import/Export
- Dynamic Link Manager (purchased separately)
- Arbortext Adapter to Documentum
- Arbortext Adapter to Documentum/XML
- Arbortext Adapter to Documentum/WDK
- Arbortext Adapter to IBM Document Manager
- Arbortext Adapter to Oracle CM SDK
- Digital Media Publisher (purchased separately)
32 BIT
64 BIT